A high quality active vapour barrier with low Sd=4,5 m, efficiently limiting water vapour diffusion. Waterproof at 2kPa, durable and resistant. Three-layeredy with weight of about 90 g/m2 and thickness of 450 μm.

It can be used in residential and industrial buildings as vapor control layer to protect thermal insulation against penetration of water vapor. Unique properties of the product allow for active regulation of vapor transfer, which in turn prevents from fungus and mold problems, and also problems with wood construction damage. It is strongly recommended that the overlaps are tightly sealed with dedicated DECKER DUOBAND or DECKER MULTIBAND and DECKER BUTILBAND tape.
EAN 4396150511050

  • Mass - ca. 90 g/m²
  • Thickness - ca.0,45 mm
  • Vapour permeability - _/4,5 g/m²/24h
  • Sd value - ca. 4,5 m
  • Water-tightness - W1
  • Roll size - 1,5 m x 50 mb = 75 m²
  • Pallet - 52 rolls